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A day in Amsterdam

There are more than 50 interesting museums, great parking and several neighborhoods to discover in Amsterdam. Below are a few of our tips.

The Rijksmuseum
The museum is the largest and most important national museum in the Netherlands. It offers an overview of Dutch art and history in its more than 200 rooms. The collection includes world-famous works such as 'De Nachtwacht' by Rembrandt and paintings by Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals. In addition, the museum manages a collection of Delft blue, sculptures, Asian art, prints and other important art objects.

Opening hours: Every day of the year from 9 am to 5 pm. The museum is therefore also open during Christmas and New Year's Day.

For more information go to: Rijksmuseum.

The Vondelpark
In 1996, the Vondelpark, as one of the first city parks, acquired the status of a national monument. This status fits the cultural-historical value that the park represents. This makes the Vondelpark one of the crown jewels of Amsterdam. Annually, an average of 10 million people visit the park. That is about 21 visitors per square meter. By comparison, Central Park in New York receives approximately 5 visitors per square meter every year!

You can enjoy nature in the park, relax on a rug or visit the free Vondelpark Openluchttheater, the cultural hotspot of Amsterdam

For more information go to: Vondelpark.

Canal tours
No visit to Amsterdam is complete without a cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. There are more than 100 canals and 1,000 bridges. More than 3 million people step into a Amsterdam canal boat every year. Take a look at the famous Amsterdam merchant houses, many of which have been laid out in the Golden Age (16th-17th century). Discover why they are so narrow and learn more about their beautiful façades, some of which have facing bricks on which the family arms and the homeowner's profession have been applied.

Other Activities in Amsterdam

  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  • The 9 streets
  • Nemo Science Museum
  • The Jordaan
  • Anne Frank House
  • Albert Cuypmarket