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Enjoy our dinerdeal for just €32,50 per person. This offer can only be ordered with a Restaurant ID. Create a Restaurant ID and receive all exclusive restaurant offers from Van der Valk Exclusief all year round.



Choose from:
  • Mushroom soup

    Créme soup

  • Tomato soup

    with meatballs

  • Smoked salmon

    with dill mayonnaise

  • Baked mushrooms

    with ham and various vegetables

  • Gambas

    baked in garlic

  • Classic beef carpaccio

    with pesto or truffle mayonnaise

  • Caesar salad

    with breaded chicken, tomato, egg, croutons, cucumber, Parmesan cheese and dressing

Main courses

Main courses

Choose from:
  • Tenderloin

    baked and grated with brie

  • Fish en Chips

    fried whitefish

  • Grilled gambas

    with cold garlic sauce

  • Chicken schnitzel

    with pineapple and curry sauce

  • Chicken satay

    grilled with satay sauce, fried onion and prawn crackers

  • Dutch steak

    baked and served with pepper sauce

  • Grilled salmon

    with Hollandaise sauce

  • Pasta Pesto

    spaghetti with tomato, Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and pesto

  • 100% beef burger

    2 burgers with tomato, pickle, melted cheese, chili mayonnaise and BBQ sauce

  • Lemon sole 3 pieces

    Crispy Fried and with Hollandaise sauce



Choose from:
  • Cheesecake

    with blueberries ice cream and whipped cream

  • Dame Blanche

    Vanilla ice cream reserved with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream

  • Coupe Mont Blanc

    Vanilla ice cream served with hot chocolate sauce, eggnog and whipped cream

  • Sorbet

    with fresh fruit, strawberry syrup, two spheres of sorbet ice cream and whipped cream

  • Brownie

    of pure chocolate with buns of vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream