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Every day you can use the Technogym cardio and fitness equipment and enjoy the splendid view of our enclosed garden during yourwork-out. Due to the wide range of equipment offered and the spacious set up your work-out is even more effective.

Improve your body and mind's condition with the VisioWeb treadmill that provides access to personalised training opportunities, internet and your own social network.

The Techno Gym treadmills offers internet, TV & radio, games, iPod connections and a 'guide' option, comparable with a manual that explains the use of the equipment through various videos.

Train your abdominals, strengthen your biceps and triceps.

Crosstrainers: With a movement similar to skating, skiing or dancing, the Crossover engages your arms in a converging motion and the legs in extending, rotating, and flexing actions so that multiple muscles are working at the same time.

Cycling:The BIKE'S new updated model replicates the sensation of riding a real road bike. The biomechanics and ergonomic design offer a variety of positions to improve rider comfort and accessibility as well as performance.

But we also offer rowing machines and equipment for power training, straining and stretching area with mats and Technogym balls.